F3F score analysis with Easy-F3F

It was in 2004 in the course of preparations for the Viking Race on Rügen, when Franz Demmler of the MFSC TU Dresden (www.f3f.de) expressed the wish for an easy to handle and flexible F3F score analysis software. It should allow a large number of rounds to fly, quick calculation of the inverse start list and group scoring.

So an Excel workbook with VBA macros was started, receiving the name "Easy-F3F". Andrzej Tabero was one of the early adopters. In the course of the years the project developed, matured and was extended with additional functionality. Lately in 2011, Daniel Schneider became a main contributor.
To enable access for everybody, this shall be the central place for downloading the latest version.


Uploaded Change date File Comment
05.01.2012 23.12.2011 Easy-F3F_1.1.xls  
06.01.2013 04.01.2013 Easy-F3F_1.2.xls Extension to 30 rounds
04.03.2013 04.03.2013 Easy-F3F_1.21.xls Minor bug fixes and extensions.
12.08.2015 23.07.2015 Easy-F3F_1.22.xls Bugfix of Worldcup Points for competitions with less then 31 competitors.

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